Utah Mining Stock Certificates

Stock certificates are documents that were used to show proof of ownership or investment in a business or corporation. In this case, a mine or mining company. Without getting to technical, a person or company could purchase shares at a given price. The value of those shares could then vary greatly, up or down, depending on demand for the stock. (How many people wanted it.) 
Demand could change quickly depending on the performance of the mine, speculation on what the performance may be, disappointment on what the performance had been, rumors, whispers, gut feelings, back-room deals, shady promotors, outright swindles, or a hundred other reasons. Fortunes could be made or lost, sometimes overnight, but that was all just part of the game.


Individuals who were lucky enough to invest in Utah mining companies such as the Horn Silver Mine at Frisco, the Silver King or Ontario mines at Park City, or Utah Copper at Bingham Canyon smiled all the way to the bank as they cashed dividend checks on a fairly regular basis. Others, who invested in certain other properties, would be frustrated again and again, as the mines they had invested in, failed to make money or pay dividends. 
Some properties made a habit of loosing money on a regular basis. The Board of Directors would charge assessment after assessment in hopes of keeping the mine going long enough to find paying ore. More often than not, the ore was elusive and the stockholders would refuse to pay more assessments. Tired of waiting, they would abandon their stock in favor of something better (they hoped). As you will learn, some people who did that would regret their action later on. Why? Because every once in a while, that elusive ore would be found. The value of the stock would rise, and all those assessments would be paid back and then some!  It was not a game for the faint of heart.


The days of the mining stock certificates have passed.  People can still invest in mines and mining companies, but now, it is all tracked electronically. Paper certificates are almost never issued. As a result, historic certificates have become collectors items. Some with great value, others with little or no value. The hobby of collecting stock certificates is called Scripophily.
Like the mining companies of old, stock certificates as collectors items can have a price that varies greatly. It all depends of the stock. How many samples are known? What mine is it for? Who is it issued to? What person signed the document? Was the mine famous or infamous? Is it fancy or plain? Colored or black & white? Engraved or block printed? Unusual image or vignette? From the 1920's or the 1870's? If your a collector, how bad do you want it for your collection? What are you willing to pay? Is it damaged, perfect, or somewhere in-between? All of these things can affect the value of a given certificate in this new collector's market.



Here, shown in these stock certificate pages are printing and engraving samples of all kinds, from very simple to elaborate and ornate. These samples, gleaned from various collections, public and private, are part of the most complete digital image collection of Utah mining company certificates ever assembled and published to the web.
Forget about the mines they represent, in today's collector's market, the retail value of the original documents shown here is well in excess of $30,000. From a low of 99 cents, to a high of many hundreds of dollars, the average is about 33 dollars. Sorry, for now, you'll just have to wonder which is which. Enjoy!




 There are now 1715 Utah mining, mining related, land, oil, irrigation, banking, communication & railroad stock & bond certificate images in this "eMuseum" collection! 
Stock certificate pages are arranged alphabetically by company name. Click on the links below or use the pull-down menu in the navigation bars at the upper left of this page. Enjoy!

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