Postal Covers

Alaska Mining Company (Silver city, Utah)

This cover is addressed to the Alaska Mining Company offices at Salt Lake City, Utah, though it was written and post-marked in Silver City, Utah, the actual location of the Alaska mine workings.  
This cover was sent from Marion Johnson a resident of Silver City. Not that is has anything to do with the contents of the letter, but it is worth noting that the cover is post-marked Febreuary 14th, 1920, Valentine's Day.
This cover is a prepaid 2 cent cover with the bold embossed red print leaving Washington's bust in profile. 


This second cover is mailed from the Alaska Mining Company to an A. E. Kimball and contained a proxy statement related to a Board of Directors meeting that was taking place in the near future.
Though offices for the Alaska Mining Company were located in Salt Lake City, this letter is postmarked from Silver City and is dated October 19, 1901.


Copper Ridge Mining Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The Copper Ridge Mining Company was created in 1916 as a reorganization of the Big Cottonwood Copper and Gold Mining Company in the Cottonwood Canyons, near Alta and Park City, Utah.
This cover was sent from Sam N. Treweek to Ernest Bamberger May 15th, 1918 relating to mining matters and the recent death and funeral of David Keith. It was a private matter and "Important" as noted at the bottom left of the cover. Though Treweek was an officer of the company, he has lined out the company name and hand written his own in its place.
This cover also features three green 1 cent Washington stamps.


Cunnington & Company, Miners Supplies (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Below is a postal cover for Cunnington & Company of Salt Lake City, Utah. The cover is printed with a lot of information related to the operations of the company, that they were "Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Groceries, Hardware & Miners Supplies". In addition to that, the cover notes that "We are agents for the Giant Powder Company, the Crescent Steel Company, and the Improved Howe Scales".
The cover is postmarked July 3rd, but the exact year is not known. Clues can be found in the 3 cent George Washington stamp, and other clues show that it likely it dates from the late 1880's.
The cover is addressed Henry E. Hylde, Superintendent of the Idaho Gold & Silver Mining Company, Kelton, Utah. Though addressed to a Utah location, the mining company operated in the Silver Mountains of Idaho from 1885 to 1889. 


Imlay Mining Company (Imlay, Nevada)

This cover is addressed to Mr. Ernest Bamberger, one of the company officers. The Imlay Mining Company offices were located at Salt Lake City, Utah, though operations were were located in Humbolt County, Nevada.  
It is not known what this particular cover contained, but its a good bet it could have been another assesment notice. The Imlay company issued 34 assesments by July of 1915.
The cover is post-marked at Salt Lake City on June 13, 1910 at 4 PM. The cover is posted with a red 2 cent Washington stamp.  


Keystone Mining Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)

This unused cover is from the Keystone Mining Company. Though offices were located in Salt Lake City, as noted on the cover, operations were near Park City. This cover is a prepaid 2 cent cover with the bold embossed red print leaving Washington's bust in profile.
The exact date is not known.


Sherman, F. W. (Park City, Utah)

F.W. Sherman was a mining consultant based in Park City, Utah. He worked with a number of mine owners but had an ongoing relationship with the Bamberger Family. This cover is addressed to Mr. Ernest Bamberger in relation to Daly West Mining Company matters.
The cover is post-marked March 5th, 1905 at Park City, Utah. It also has a cancelled red 2 cent Washington stamp. 


Utah Fire Clay Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)

This cover is from the Utah Fire Clay Company. This company manufactured all manner of fire brick for furnaces, stoves and assay ovens. In addition to the brick products, they produced crucibles and cuples for fire assay work. The Utah Fire Clay COmpany offices were located at 1098 South 1st West, Salt Lake City, Utah.
This cover is addressed to Mr. Herbert Cohn at 163 South Main, City (Salt Lake City, Utah).  
The cover is post-marked at Salt Lake City on November 15, 1910 at 10 PM. The cover is pre-printed with the 2 cent Washington embossing.