Aztec Treasure Cave

This legend goes back to the time of Spanish conquistadores and the Aztec's of Central America.

The legend tells of Aztec warriors entrusted to protect a portion of the vast treasure created for rituals and the worshiping of their gods. With the coming of the conquistadores, and the raiding of the vast wealth, this chosen group was directed to carry away the treasure and secure it in such a way that the foreign raiders would never lay their hands on it. 



  Aztec priest war god Huitzilopochtli image provided cortesey -


The journey would take them from Central America to somewhere else. The location of that place has been debated, investigated, researched and guessed at for centuries. One possible location is south central Utah, White Mountain and the White Cliffs area near Kanab to be exact, or so the story goes.

Somewhere on the mountain the Aztec band located a cave, in which they deposited what is estimated by some to be $10 million in gold, precious metals, and ornaments. Once completed, the cave entrance was covered by a man-made landslide, forever sealing and securing the treasure inside.

The band of warriors then moved on, leading away any spanish who might be following. Their ultimate fate is lost to history.

The Aztec cave and it's gold has been talked about and sought out for centuries, but is it really in southern Utah? 

Fact or fiction? Who knows? But if you've got the time, the ambition, and the luck, maybe you'll be the one to find it.