Tavaci Mines



View of the Tavaci #1 Mine dump looking east up Big Cottonwood Canyon - c.2011 / Donald K. Winegar - Tintic Images

Brief history

To be honest, this is one site I have not had a lot of luck in finding out its history. Not even the real name. While I try to be as accurate as possible in my information, in this instance, there just isn't any. I have name these two mines after the nearby Tavaci development.

Someday I will find out the actual name of these two sites, but until then, Tavaci will have to do. (If you have any information on this site or know the real name, please e-mail me and let me know. I would be happy to update the page and fully credit you by name.)


Getting there

The Tavaci #1 mine is right along the main trail to the lower section of the Granite Flume trail. The #2 mine is off the main trail, down a faint dirt road that splits off to the left as you are hiking past the #1 dump. (See map)


Red line on the image above shows the lower portion of the Granite Flume trail and the penstock pipe path at the left. Also shown are the trailhead and Tavaci mine locations.  Map created using Google Earth - Copyright 2011 THRP & Google - Click on image for a larger view.

What remains

Nothing except the two mine dumps and the great views.


The Tavaci #2 mine dump (As I have named it) looking up toward the Aqua World Rock Climbing area. This dump is much smaller than the #1 dump, and far more overgrown. This dump is less than 100 yards west of the #1 dump. - c.2011 / Donald K. Winegar - Tintic Images