Accident of H. A. Amott

Accident Report - H. A. Amott (Daly West Mine - January 26, 1910)

Accident Report filed by the company Clerk of the Daly West Mine, Park City, Utah, detailing injuries to H.H. Amott due to a rock fall from the foot wall on the 1700 foot level. The report states that the accident happened while working by candlelight, and it was not particularly damaging to Amott. He went to the boarding house rather than the hospital to mend, though he had still not returned to work after 2 days. 


Statement of H.A. Amott (Daly West Mine - January 27, 1910)

Statement of H.A. Amott relating to his accident in the Daly West Mine a day earlier.


Statement of F.J. Davis (Daly West Mine - January 27, 1910)

Statement of F.J. Davis relating to the accident of H.A. Amott in the Daly West Mine. Davis was the only witness to the rock fall that struck Mr. Amott, knocking him 10 feet down the chute. He states that he, "...called to him to look out! He tried to get out of the way, but could not do so...". His written statement is wittnessed by Mr. G. E. Hedges, Daly West Mining Company Clerk.