Chieftan Mining Claim - BCC

Location data

QUICK LOCATION PATH: Utah / Salt Lake County / Big Cottonwood District / South Fork or Cardiff Fork / Kessler Peak

Mineral Survey Plat

Below is a copy of the Mineral Survey Plat for the Chieftan Lode Mining Claim, Big Cottonwood Mining District, Mineral District #5, Mineral Survey #22, Lot #58, dated July 27, 1876. The original claim was 200 feet wide, and 1200 feet long, running East North-East to West South-West and encompassing 5.509 acres of ground.
The Plat shows the discovery marker near the center of the claim on the North-East slope of Kessler Peak. At the time of the survey, the Chieftan Claim was being worked by way of a long tunnel called the Blain Tunnel. The tunnel was 251 feet long at that time, and cross cut the claim at about 45 degrees. 


Base Plat is from original scans by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
Modified digital map image Copyright 2011 - THRP - Tintic  Images


Detail From larger 1902 Cottonwood - American Fork - Park City Claim Map showing the location and surrounding claims.             THRP - Winegar Collection 

What remains

Unknown at this time.