Accident of John Beck

Accident Report - John Beck (Daly West Mine - June 19,1910)

Accident Report filed by the company Clerk of the Daly West Mine, Park City, Utah, detailing the circumstances and resulting injuries to John Beck due to a steel drill rod working loose from a tied bundle as it was lowered down the shaft. The steel rod fell a short distance and struck Mr. Beck on his ankle.
The report states that the accident happened while working by candlelight. It further states that it was not particularly damaging to Beck, though he was cut and bruised about his right ankle and taken to the Park City Miners Hospital. According to the report he was expected to be out 2 or 3 days.


Statement of John Beck (Daly West Mine - June 19, 1910)

Statement of John Beck relating to his accident in the Daly West Mine. There were no other witnesses to the accident, so his account is the only first-hand record. Beck blames himself for the falling steel and the injury, as according to his written statement, "...I myself had tied the steel...". His written statement is witnessed by Mr. G. E. Hedges, Daly Mining Company Clerk.