Lost Ferguson Gold Mine

The Lost Ferguson Gold Mine is one of many that involve Brigham Young and early Mormon pioneers.

In this case, the story tells of a certain Brother Ferguson doing some casual prospecting way back when in the hills east of present day Cottonwood Heights. (Back then it was called Butlerville.) Finding an outcropping of very rich gold ore, it is told that Brother Ferguson reported this find to President Young. It was Young's wish that the ledge be covered up and not spoken of for a time. Remember, this was when mining in Utah for anything except necessities was strongly discouraged.

Brother Ferguson did as Young had requested, he covered the outcropping with country rock and dirt, hiding it completely from view. He also kept silent, and told no one.

Years would pass, and so too Brigham Young. Salt Lake City was growing, and the Utah mining boom was well under way. It was at this time that Brother Ferguson decided it would now be OK to share his secret and the story of the lost gold ledge with his family.

Then again, maybe not...

In the words of the story teller, "Brother Ferguson took his family and started up the mountain to show them where the gold vein was. Before he could reach the spot, he had a heart attack and died." (1)

The "lost" Ferguson Mine has never been found! 







(1) Cottonwood Heights History,, 2010