Aqua World Rock Climbing Area


Aqua World rock climbing area at the top of the Lower Granite Flume Trail. Note the concrete piers of the old flumeway at bottom left. - c.2011 / Donald K. Winegar - Tintic Images

Brief history

It is obvious that this is not a mining site, nor is it even related to mining. Given the proximity to the Tavaci mines and the Flume trail, I have included it as a reference item. It is unknown how long the area has been used by rock climbers, but nowadays its a very popular spot.
The two climbers shown in this photo were there April 27, 2011 enjoying the bright sunny day, and the sport they enjoy every bit as much as I do exploring and photographing old mining sites. It was a unexpected and pleasant delay in my hiking that day as I stopped for a while and watched these two take turns working their way up the rock wall, each negotiating the ledges, recesses, and overhangs with skill and determination.
If you hike this trail and encounter climbers, take a few moments, find a comfortable spot on one of the concrete piers, then enjoy the rock climbing adventures of others. You will not be disappointed. 

Getting there

The Aqua World rock face is found at the top of the Lower Granite Flume Trail. Concrete piers of the old flume run in both directions from the rock climbing wall. (See map)


Red line on the image above shows the lower portion of the Granite Flume trail and the penstock pipe path at the left. Also shown are the trailhead and Tavaci mine locations.  Map created using Google Earth - Copyright 2011 THRP & Google - Click on image for a larger view.

What remains

Other than the concrete piers of the old flume or "Aqueduct" that is its namesake, nothing remains. I take that back, the view of lower Big Cottonwood Canyon from the Aqua World base is great, something that will remain with you long after your hike is over.