Stock Exchange & Broker Documents

Salt Lake Stock Exchange

Typical daily Closing Quotations document from the Salt Lake Stock Exchange from the 1950's.


In addition to the Daily Summaries, the Stock Exchange would issue Monthly Summaries at the end of each month, this would show the total quantity, price, and value for the preceding month. In this case, a monthly summary for August of 1955.


The Exchange also issued Yearly Summary sheets printed on the back of the Monthly Summary sheets. This summary would show the total quantity and value of transactions for the preceding year to the end of that month. This one shows totals to the end of August 1955.


New Park Mining Company - Voting Proxy

As mining companies grew and the number and location of stockholders increased, holding company meetings could be quite a challenge. In order to vote on company matters, you had to be present. If you could not be present, you either did not get to vote, or you could have a proxy. A proxy is a person or entity that you authorize to vote on your behalf, as if you were there.
In the sample below, we have a voting proxy for the New Park Mining Company from 1961.