Adams Mining District Bylaws

Below is a copy of the text of the Adams Mining District Bylaws as published in the Salt Lake Daily Herald, Saturday morning August 2, 1873. It is not a complete record of the miners meeting held to create the district, but a listing of the adopted bylaws.

"At an adjourned meeting of the miners of Adams' District, the following by laws were adopted:


SECTION I - The Recorder shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast at any meeting legally called, said Recorder to continue in office for the term of one year, dating from the first Monday in July, 1873.

Upon the removal, demise, or disposition of the Recorder, his successor shall be appointed at a meeting of miners called by any five locators having claims in the district.


SECTION II - It shall be the duty of the Recorder, upon application being made to him, to record a claim in this district; it shall be his duty to visit the ground so claimed, and satisfy himself that the applicant is not infringing upon the rights of any previous locator. Recorders fee for recording a location, two dollars; for visiting the claim, one dollar per mile, one way; for each certificate issued, fifty cents. 


SECTION III - The prospector shall be entitled to ten days from the date of location, to file his notice for record, ten days from that date to record his claim.


SECTION IV - Each location shall be entitled to one hundred (100) feet on each side of his ledge, lead or lode, for working purposes.


SECTION V - Upon application of any five (5) miners, having claims in this district, for a miner's meeting, it shall be the duty of the Recorder, or his deputy, to call such a meeting, and give ten days notice of same.


SECTION VI - Upon the demise, deposition, or removal of the Recorder, a committee shall be appointed at a regularly called meeting, to transfer all books and papers appertaining to the office of Recorder, and deliver the same to to the successor in office. "






(1) Salt Lake Daily Herald, Vol. IV - No. 46, August 2, 1873, p.3