Glenwood Tunnels


Dump of the middle Glenwood Tunnel workings from below looking up the gulch c.2008  
Donald K. Winegar - Tintic Images

Location data

QUICK LOCATION PATH: Utah / Salt Lake County / Big Cottonwood District / Canyon Mouth - south side / Jefferson gulch / upper

Approximate GPS Location:

40.35.039 N - 111.46.745 W  (field)


Approximate Elevation:

6240'  (field)


30 x 60 Minute Map:



7.5 Minute Map:




Getting there

Just south of the Golden Hills subdivision and the stop light where Highland Drive separates from Little Cottonwood Canyon Road a trail begins on the east side of the road about 50 yards south of the last house. The trail climbs immediately from the road and the first hundred yards or so is a series of quick switchbacks. The trail to the Glenwood is also along the trail to the Jefferson, New State, the Utah Glory Hole, and more.
After passing the glory hole, the trail climbs steeply almost 1400 feet in a straight line right up the crest of the south face of Jefferson Gulch. at the top of that steep run, the trail turns to the left and levels off quickly. It then curves to the northeast and then turns north across the face of the gulch until it reaches the north face. The Glenwood sites are at the end of this  flat stretch of road.

What remains

No structures remain standing at this site. Only bits of metal, wood, and three separate dumps, all with caved portals mark the site.