Lost Mexican Gold Placer

The time is the 1930's. The place is west central Utah. The story, that of a shepherd.

The legend (somewhat documented) is told of a lone Mexican sheepherder walking into Delta, Utah, and bringing with him more than 300 ounces of gold dust!

While out tending his flocks, he apparently found a very rich placer deposit somewhere in the foothills of House Mountain Range to the west and south of town. It is not known how many times he came to town, but the story tells of more than one visit.

The deposit must have been large, as 20 pounds of dust in several bags was reportedly handled in one transaction alone! The sheepherder kept silent about the location of the deposit and did not allow himself to be followed. Then one day he just disappeared, "He was never to be seen again."(1)

Many have prospected the House Mountains, before and since. While a number of mining operations including the Klondike, Amasa Valley, Brown Queen, and several in Bird Canyon have been worked in the range, a "rich" placer deposit such as legend describes has never been found.

Maybe the Mexican shepherd found it all...  then again...    








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