Juab County

Juab County is located in west central Utah, and is home to a number of mining districts, including the largest and most productive the Tintic District. Total area of the county is 3,412 square miles. The county seat is Nephi, and the terrain runs from sage covered deserts to tree covered mountain peaks. Mining began with the discovery of precious metals in 1869 and continues to this day, though at a much smaller level.


Some of the earliest mining in the state took place within this county. The "heyday" of the Juab County mining ran from 1870 to the 1920's, Some $40 Million or more in mineral wealth being taken from the various underground workings. Silver, gold, copper, lead, and zinc made up the bulk of those values but other minerals contributed to the number as well.
Like other counties, early prospectors would scour the county looking for tell-tale signs of mineral wealth below. They would find it to one degree or another. In addition to the Tintic District, Juab county was home to the Mt. Nebo, West Tintic, Dugway, Kern, Indian Springs, and Pleasant Valley Districts among others.
The bulk of mining activity was centered in the eastern portions of the county as transportation costs from the more remote western locations made mining of lesser grade ores impractical.
The rise of mining in the county would be swift, the decline long and drawn out, but Juab remains among the top producing counties in the state. 
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