General Scott Mine

The General Scott Mine was the most prominent mine on Scott Hill and its namesake. The workings were rich, and plentiful at first, and one of the major reasons for the rush to the hilltops and canyons of City Creek.
The mine was working on a vein of ore "...five feet in width of free milling ore. The first assay was $73 per ton in silver, with a small percentage of galena."(1)  Certainly enough to get people talking.
Originally located on June 1st, 1873, by the summer of 1884 a shaft more than 300 feet deep would be in place with a number of side workings. Strong assays would continue through this period, regularly showing "...30 ounces silver, and 50 to 70 per cent lead, with a small percentage of antimony."(2) 



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