Mule Hollow

Mule Hollow is a popular hike in the summertime and gets some traffic in the winter from snowshoers. For exploring the mining sites in the upper part of this canyon, summer months or early fall is the best time. Hiking this trail requires a number of stream crossings, 15 to 20 depending on the time of year, In the early spring, The water runs high, and you will be hiking over snow drifts in the more shady areas of the trail. In the summer and fall it can easily be stepped over, still even in mid may there were 15 crossings that had to be negotiated. If you don't mind getting your feet wet, you can cross without rock hopping. If you want to stay dry. Rock hopping is possible. Still, if you do slip, none of the crossings are Dangerous in the summer months, you'll just get your feet wet.
The trail is steep in places, with some route finding necessary as you cross back anf fourth across the stream. A good hour of fairly steady hiking will see you to the first dump. When hiking this same trail with my wife, the hiking time was an hour and a half. Once you get there take a break, poke around a bit, enjoy the view, and snap a few pictures. Once rested, cross over the gulch to the west and you will encounter a faint trail, continue on up the west side of the canyon bottom. The #2, #3 and #4 sites are not far above the first, though in the summer and fall, none are visible from the lower site.   


Map created using TOPO! mapping software from National Geographic.
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