Tintic Mining District

The Tintic Mining District is the largest and most productive of all the Juab County Districts. Credited with more than $180 Million in production between 1869 and 1917, the district was home to a number of famous mines, The "Big Four" of Eureka; the Gemini, Bullion-Beck, Eureka Hill, and Centennial Eureka, the Mammoth, Dragon, Grand Central, Colorado, Iron Blossom and more.
The Tintic District would also make famous a few men related to mining, The McIntyre brothers Samual and William, John Beck and Jesse Knight in the early days, Cecil Fitch and Emil Raddatz in the later period.
A "Crazy Dutchman", a glint of sunlight, a distainful "Humbug", and a herd of cattle would all play a part in Juab county's mining history. Enjoy!

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