View of Mammoth looking east over the town. The Mammoth mine is at center left, the Sioux-Ajax Tunnel at the center right. c.1898

Mammoth, Utah was the second largest camp that would become a town in the Tintic District. Located at the head of Mammoth Gulch, at the western base of Mammoth Peak, it is situated just below the town and mountain's namesake, the famous Mammoth Mine.
The town of Mammoth though somewhat organized with a recognized Main street, was more a random placement of commercial buildings, shops, and homes in the early days. That placement would be modified through the years as the massive dumps of the mine came closer and closer to the towns dwellings. The main business district was placed far enough away, but many private homes had to be moved. In some cases, leap-froging the center of town for a spot farther from the ever growing waste rock dumps.