Stockholder Notices

In addition to operating a mine, management and officers of mining companies were responsible for keeping stockholders informed as to the status of the mine and company. This was done in the form of Notices. Notices could relate to meetings, dividends, assessments, voting, proxies, voting results, etc..
These notices could be a single card or multiple pages, it just depended on the scope of the notice, We have a number of samples and they will all be uploaded in time.  

Colorado Consolidated Mining Company

One way that mining companies managed stock certificates and their transfers is the item shown below. In this case we have a signature card request from the Colorado Consolidated Mining Company, Tintic District, Utah.
The front of the card requests that the stockholder sign the card on the back and then return it. This is done so that a signature is on file to help prevent unauthorized transactions from taking place.


On the back of the card is a place for a signature and complete address information and a witness line.


In this case, a self addressed and postage paid envelope was sent with the card to help assure the return.


Copper King Mining Company

The Copper King Mining Company operated from property in the Park City District.



Grand Central Mining Company

Below is a notice sent to the Grand Central Mining Company. This notice, a transfer notice, details the transfer of 15,000 shares of stock from previous owner C.D. Arms to new owner I. D. Arms. The transfer effective on May 13, 1887.